Sunday, September 9, 2012


Ketoprak is the typical diet of Jakarta and it is almost similar to the gado-gado of food.
The first time I ate it when I'm ketoprak vacation to the city of Depok, West Java.
At the same early next invited friends home for ketoprak buy it, as well as the cheap price suitable for children boarding with Rp 4000.

So for you who have never tasted food ketoprak not hurt to try.
And if you make it too easy, Unique Indonesia will share the recipe:

150 gr vermicelli that has been brewed with hot water, then drained
150 gr bean sprouts brewed hot water and drained.
4 pieces in the fried tofu and diced
4 pieces of rice cake or a diamond cut into small pieces

250 grams of peanuts, fried, mashed
6 cloves garlic
5 pieces of red chili, fried briefly
100 ml warm water
1 tsp salt
sweet soy sauce to taste


fried onions, sliced ​​celery, and red crackers.

How to make ketropak:

Fry knew half cooked, remove drain, cut according to taste. Seasoning Sauce: puree garlic with cayenne pepper and salt. Add beans, water and soy sauce, puree, stir well and set aside. Prepare the dish, diamond layout, vermicelli, and tofu tuangakan taouge given sweet soy sauce. Sprinkle fried onions, sliced ​​celery and red crackers. Serve immediately. 
For: 5 people

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